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Dana Thomas

President  and  Co-FOUNDER

Dana Thomas earned a Master of Science degree in Botany, with a certificate in Ecology, from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Southwest Missouri State University. Her resume includes 16 years of botanical and biological work for several agencies and organizations including The Nature Conservancy, National Park Service, Missouri Department of Conservation, University of Missouri and Southwest Missouri State University. She also taught seven semesters of Field Botany and General Botany to undergraduates. Participants in her classes find her to be highly knowledgeable, personable and possessing a contagious enthusiasm.


Justin Thomas

Science Director  and  Co-FOUNDER

Justin conducts taxonomic and ecological research and instructs plant identification workshops. He has twenty years of professional field experience, a Master of Science degree in Botany from Miami University, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He is the junior author of the "Ecological Checklist of the Missouri Flora", holds a research associateship at Missouri Botanical Garden and serves as a scientific advisor to several conservation groups.  

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Jacob Hadle

Plant Ecologist

Jacob is investing himself in the conservation values of his native Flint Hills and the Great Plains beyond. He is a well-respected field botanist and biodiversity explorer with a Master of Science degree from Wichita State University and a Fisheries and Wildlife degree from Kansas State University. Jacob has extensive experience throughout the Great Plains as well as the Great Plains/Eastern Deciduous Forest transition zone where properly understanding dynamics such as fire prescription, woody encroachment, grazing and restoration are of utmost importance.  


The Board of Directors

NatureCITE is honored by the skill set of its Board. Its board members are also practicing scientists (amateur and professional). This aids NatureCITE in fulfilling and maintaining its science-driven mission.

Andrew Braun (Secretary)

Rick Gray (Treasurer)

Scott Namestnik 

John Oliver

Linda Williams


Research Associates

Brett Budach

Claire Ciafre